In the year 1999 Guruji formed a Public Charitable Trust called “Guruji Ka Ashram” with Guruji and his mother as the founding trustees through a trust deed duly registered with Sub Registrar – Delhi.

The title “Guruji Ka Ashram” uniquely coined by Guruji himself also enjoys both the Trade Mark and Copyright protection under the relevant laws.

The said Trust was formed for various philanthropic objectives but, to begin with, Guruji had a vision to form and establish a Hospital, Nursing College and a Meditation Centre in the aforesaid trust.

Financial standing of the trust as on 31st march, 2015:

  • Guruji Ka Ashram-Trust is a registered “Religious cum Public Charitable Trust”. The trust receives donations through cheques only. No cash donations are accepted by any of the office bearers of the Trust. All donations received in cash are through Danpatras only and the same is accounted for separately. The trust maintains a separate account for these donations.
  • Guruji Ka Ashram is a cash rich trust wherein it has its corpus invested in various fixed deposits. At the time of Guruji’s Mahasamadhi, the total bank balance left by him was Rs. 333,904,698.62 (Thirty-three crores, thirty-Nine lakhs four thousand six hundred and ninety-eighth and sixty-two paisa.) Of this the corpus of the trust stood at Rs. 277,315,085.53 (Twenty-seven crores, Seventy-three lakhs Fifteen thousand and eighty-five and fifty-three paisa.)
  • Since the financial year 2007-08 this has increased manifold. As on 31st March, 2015, it stands at Rs. 747,404,691.00 (Seventy-four crores, Seventy-four lakhs Four ThousandSix Hundred and Ninety-one.) wherein the corpus stands at Rs. 377,426,747.00 (Thirty-seven crores, Seventy-Four lakhs Twenty-Six ThousandSeven Hundred and forty-seven.) The corpus of the trust has been invested in various fixed deposits.
  • The trust has been fulfilling its Tax returns with the income tax and FCRA regularly. The trust since the past 5 years has willingly undergone scrutiny of its accounts and has got clear orders for the past 5 years under the watchful eyes of Sh. Navdeep Singh from the Income Tax department.
  • Though all the Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance sheets are published regularly every year but the same is being put for public knowledge on the official web site of the Trust – Guruji Ka Ashram.



In the year 2001, after the sad demise of Guruji’s mother, Guruji appointed his father, Sh. Mast Ramji as a trustee. After the Mahasamadhi of Guruji in 2007, Guruji’s father, his nephew, Navdeep Singh, along with nearly 2000 Sangat members are involved in running the day to day activities of the trust wherein the various activities are governed through various committees formulated under the 14 member strong Board of Trustees.

The nature of the Trust – Guruji Ka Ashram being ‘Public Charitable’ the trustees on 5th October, 2011, introduced sweeping changes in the management of the trust wherein they carried out a Trust Amendment Deed empowering the Sangat to run the trust and willingly reduced their own role to institutional heads.


The trust Guruji Ka Ashram is a Public Charitable Trust duly registered under the Income Tax Act as well as with the Ministry of Home, Government of India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. The Trust is liable to maintain proper books of accounts and is being regularly audited by an independent firm of chartered accountants.

Audit of Trust

The audited accounts of the Trust are being regularly and timely filed every year both- with the Income Tax Authorities as well as with the Ministry of Home. The summary of the audited accounts is also being published every year in the leading dailies. The Income Tax Department periodically scrutinizes the accounts of the Trust. The Income Tax Department has scrutinized the accounts of the trust for the last three years and has passed clean assessment orders latest being for the year 2012-13 under section 143 (3) of the I. T. Act 1961. The last order passed by the Income Tax Authorities was on 30th January, 2015 without any issue or demand.