Guruji is the “Divine Light”, whose mere presence can bring about a change in a person’s Karmic balance. All who come to seek his blessings are accepted by his compassion. Some can see him; some still feel him walking beside them, when they need him the most. He still appears in dreams and heals everyone through his unparalleled love and protection.

Though Great Masters like Guruji are never born and they never die, However, in accordance with our human understanding, he was born on the 7th day of July in the year 1954 in a village called Dugri in the district Sangrur, of Punjab, India.

360º Mandir Darshans

Satsangs are an extremely powerful forum in Guruji’s darbar. Guruji himself made sangat members share their experiences with one another.

Media Gallery

All the photos in this section are from the various functions being held at the Bade Mandir.

Books On Guruji

To attempt to write about Guruji is not possible. His Divinity cannot be captured and understood by mortals like us. However, we have collectively attempted to compile the following:-

Charitable Activities

Revered Guruji a “Siddh Purusha,” possessed many divine Siddh is including enormous healing powers through which he cured many people suffering from various diseases.
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