Satsang is a very powerful medium to thank Guruji for showering his ‘Mehar and Baksheesh’ upon us. When Revered Guruji was present in his physical form he had started this trend wherein selected Sangat members were asked to narrate and share their experiences.

Guruji said that the person who shared his or her satsang was being blessed by him and the person/s who was/were listening to the satsang also received his blessings.

Revered Guruji Himself had us compile the book Light of Divinity, which is a compilation of various Satsangs. It is through these satsangs that many questions are answered, which are going on in other sangat members’ minds. Through your satsang many can co-relate to what they are experiencing in their life. By sharing your experiences/ blessings you are benefitting other Sangat members who may be facing similar situations and need guidance. These satsangs are also a testimony/reminder to the presence of Guruji in every sangat member’s life.

With the ever growing Sangat of Revered Guruji and the ‘Kalyan’ being done by Revered Guruji has increased manifold and so has the sangat. Those who are arriving after the Mahasamadhi of Revered Guruji shall be the ones who by reading these satsangs will feel reassured in establishing a connection with Guruji.

This forum has been provided to Guruji’s Sangat to share their experiences with other Sangat members. This is deliberately limited to just the Sangat members so that all of us can share everything about Guruji freely without fear of any prying eyes. The reason for this is that Guruji’s Sangat members are becoming members to various open social forums which are randomly coming up on a daily basis.

Upon becoming a member of these social forums they are unknowingly exposing themselves to unknown people who by using Guruji’s name, photos, sentiments of the sangat members are collecting personal information not just about the sangat members but also about their relatives, friends, business etc., by gaining access through Facebook and/or twitter accounts. They can easily access personal posts, photographs, information about relationships etc.

Facebook and Twitter are open social media forums where thousands who are not connected to Guruji visit our page, writing comments on Guruji or posting material next to Guruji’s photograph which are objectionable.

If you are a follower of Guruji you are in the know that not every one reaches his ‘darbar’ we are those lucky few amongst the world population who have reached HIM. This makes us a closed community having their own Reverence towards Guruji, hence we should not end up exposing our reverence, our feelings, our sentiments, our beliefs and our spiritualty to people who have nothing to do with Revered Guruji.

This satsang section has been started with closed group membership, wherein we invite you as a Sangat member to be part of it and feel free to write your experiences and share it with people who are able to understand what you are experience.