Guruji is the “Divine Light”, whose mere presence can bring about a change in a person’s Karmic balance. All who come to seek his blessings are accepted by his compassion. Some can see him; some still feel him walking beside them, when they need him the most. He still appears in dreams and heals everyone through his unparalleled love and protection.

Though Great Masters like Guruji are never born and they never die, However, in accordance with our human understanding, he was born on the 7th day of July in the year 1954 in a village called Dugri in the district Sangrur, of Punjab, India.


Our blissful Guruji is Supreme. The Almighty had descended on earth in the form of our Beloved Guruji, not very long ago.He was even with us a few years back. He is the divine incarnate who showered his heavenly aura. He walks with his loving sangat hand in hand supporting each and everyone through their pain, pressure, sweat and tears. Blessed are many of us who had the opportunity to meet “The Lord Shiva”, “Our Guruji” in human form. Being the Lord Incarnate, Guruji drank most of the poison (hardships) of his devotees leaving them to deal with only a tiny part of it.This is our Guruji

Guruji is Supreme Lord we cannot just define him by addressing him as Guruji only. He is the incandescent light that guides us through the dense path of life. The Darshan of Guruji mesmerizes devotees and calms their inner self. They forget all their hardships and hindrances and gain immense joy in his blissful presence. But we cannot meet him without his invite, no matter how much we try. When he invites you he will pull you towards him like a thread tied to your leg from wherever you may be.

Once we get connected to him his heavenly glance filters our inner soul, giving us a new purpose in life. We feel so connected to him and his presence everywhere we go. Guruji used to say “mango nahi manno” which translates to have faith in him always, he is always there for us, and we do not have to ask him for anything he knows our needs. Guruji also used to say “ Apne dimaag ko bahar chad ke aao jutti ke saath”, once you come to me, leave your own thoughts and ego outside with your shoes.

Guruji always wanted his devotees to be humble. “Kis gal da ahankar?” He never tolerates an ego and would always help us in different ways to come out of our ego and be humble. One should always learn to be selfless. Blessed are the ones who can overcome their egos.

Guruji did not want any publicity or security for himself. A True Guru has enough power to protect himself and his devotees. “He invites those who are bound to meet him, when their time comes.”

Guruji was born in Dugri Village, Malerkotla, Punjab,on the 7th of July 1952. His mother had no idea that Mahapurush was born to her. The midwife had stated that on the day Guruji was born, she had seen a snake and a strange bright light fill up the room. The Pandit who made Guruji’s birth chart had predicted that he belonged to the entire world. Even as an infant, a rose fragrance used to come from his body and his clothes would also never get wet.

Guruji went to school at the Dugri primary school and Government High School. He did his college from the Government College at Malerkotla. Guruji was double M.A in English and Economics. He spoke fluent English and had beautiful hand writing. Yet, just to confuse us he would often ask us to spell certain words for him. Guruji sometimes helped his father in firming, and the crop harvested would be in large amounts compared to others. His friends recall stories of Guruji filling the ink in a pen just by touching it. His professors used to get shocked by his sudden disappearance and reappearance from the classrooms. He also knew all the questions of the tests beforehand as per his friend’s version.

In his earlier days Guruji’s urge for spiritual things was spending time at the Dera of Sant Sewa Dass Ji at Dugri. Santji was a saint of high order who had renounced worldly life and had a large following. Guruji would often go and sit at the Dera. His parents wanted him to concentrate more on studies than spending time with the sages. He would be locked in the room, and to their surprise they would find the door unlocked and Guruji sitting in the Dera. His parents gradually came to understand that their son is no ordinary man but God himself. His mother also started touching his feet and called him Guruji as he is now called by everyone. Guruji left his home in 1975 after college and worked at Punjab School Education Board in a clerical position in 1983. He said that at the age of eight he could control his desires and devoted time to meditation. In his spiritual journey he would often stay with his acquaintances for a few days and then he would move from there. Sometimes he would also disappear for a certain period.

Guruji’s father did not believe in his way of life, he thought that he was pretending to be godman. One day he woke up to a strange sound in the early morning hours in Jalandhar Temple. He saw Guruji walking into a room with a lion behind him. He got scared and called the caretaker, who told him that Guruji is meditating in that particular room. That day he believed that his son is no ordinary human being.